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Nadia H.


Alexander, thank you so much for an awesome class! I learned so much and really enjoyed meeting you!


Elizabeth S.-K.


Thanks so much, Sasha!  It's really been a pleasure taking your class.  You explain everything with such patience and clarity - I feel I have a better grasp now of certain familiar but confusing terms and techniques than I've gained from manuals or other classes (or from fumbling around on my own!).


Shireen and Daniel H.


My husband and I recently attended Alexander's headshot and portrait photography workshop. It was amazingly insightful and a very good use of our time. He addressed our questions quickly and efficiently. In the course of the workshop, we got a deeper understanding of lighting, posing, and establishing the photographer-client relationship. We intend to work with Alexander in the future as we develop our portrait photography skills.


Kevin R.


Thanks, I enjoyed your LightRoom workshop! Before I took your class, I was totally frustrated with LightRoom 5. Your explanation of the features and layout was a huge help. Now I can deal with my hundreds of modeling photographs. Also, I had no idea that LR had so many features.


Ellie B.


It was a pleasure to know Sasha. He is a magnificent photographer and he has a clear, simple, and comprehensive method of teaching. Sasha has a vast knowledge of visual arts and great understanding of what you need to learn as a student or an amateur photographer. I cannot wait to apply all I learned about head-shots in his workshop.


Sara L.


I really enjoyed my Intro to Digital Photography workshop. Alexander is a wonderful teacher - he offers very clear explanations, and makes sure that you can actually apply his instructions to your photography both through a field trip and interactive classroom sessions. I feel much more confident operating my camera now, and will never go back to the auto setting! I would certainly recommend this class to anyone interested in taking better photos and learning more about their camera.


Lisa N.


I had been thinking about signing up for formal photography instruction for several months when I found Alexander Vasiljev’s website. Impressed by the artistic vision apparent in his work, I decided to begin with one of his private sessions. He didn’t disappoint. He responded to my initial inquiry quickly and accommodated my schedule by meeting with me on the weekend.  During the session, he remained attentive to my goals while introducing elements that I had not anticipated yet sorely needed to advance my work. Throughout the session, Alexander was patient, encouraging, and honest. He offered criticism gently and constructively, and by the end, I can honestly say that I saw my work, the photographic process, and post-production differently. I would eagerly sign up for more sessions with Alexander and would recommend, without hesitation, that others do the same.


Mark H.


I really enjoyed Alexander's class. He was very patient and explained a lot of useful photography basics and techniques. As a beginner, this instruction was particularly helpful in getting me started! I hope to learn more from him in the future.


Arwa A.


I signed up for intro to photography with Sasha. The class was 3 sessions, one of the sessions was a field trip. I went into the class not knowing a thing about the manual settings on my DSLR. He honestly did a great job of making me understand how the camera worked. I had previously tried to self learn photography but honestly he did a great job in 3 days than I could in a month. He mapped it out in a simple way and took all the "complicated" out of photography!


Rajesh N.


My wife arranged for me to take the introduction to digital photography with Sasha as a birthday gift ( I guess enough was enough after suffering through 20 years of mediocre pictures). I was amazed at how easily the course was laid out and how simple he made even complex subjects. After the second class which was a field trip, I felt fully confident in never again needing to use the auto setting on my dSlr ever again. I can honestly say that the first pictures that I took on my own after his class were ones that I would never have taken in 20 + years of photography. I highly recommend his class to anyone who is interested in taking pictures worth showing anyone.


Matt R.


This class taught me a lot about the technical nature of my iPhone's camera - I had no idea that it works best in diffused light, for example. It also taught me a lot about photography in general and how those best practices translate to the use of the iPhone to take pictures. The suggested camera apps are top-notch and I find myself using them almost exclusively.


Mark H.


I took three courses with Sasha and the experience was fantastic. He was able to pace each session to my needs, and was always patient with my questions. I especially appreciated the direct and honest feedback on my practice shots and the ways to improve my technique. I learned a lot and am still trying to absorb everything. I would highly recommend him to any budding photo enthusiasts, especially those interested in wildlife photography.


Ellen P.


Everything about the four-hour iPhone session was beautifully done! The size of the group was perfect... your approach was supportive, responsive, and substantive. I appreciated how you kept three unruly women on task! As soon as I can - I'll be back!


Sara S.


Thanks so much for your iPhone presentation today. It was extremely helpful. I hope to connect again with another course and will certainly recommend your workshops to others.


Laura K.


Thanks so much for the intro to digital photo class. It was fabulous. Please sign me up for news of your other classes.


Leejah C.


I have had the pleasure of learning from Sasha in three private sessions so far on completely different topics. I have to say that Sasha is an excellent teacher. He has worked with me to teach me about basic camera photography, Lightroom, and use of flash and I have learned a lot from him that I never used to know my camera could do. He is patient, breaks down difficult concepts to make them understandable, and tailors the session to your interests and questions. I look forward to learning more from him in future workshops.


Eva J.


Many thanks to your very thorough, patient and

kind way of teaching.


Maia C.


The workshop with Alexander was terrific. Having taken a seminar with other institutions in DC, I can attest to the excellent quality of the teaching here. The classes, moreover, were small, making hands on learning a reality. Alexander himself is a gem, and his artistic ability and keen sensibilities, in addition to technical knowhow, so refreshing. I am signing up for more!


Elma L.


Sasha, I took your June wildlife photography session, and it was the best thing could have done.

I went to Africa, and, though hardly anything professional, I took wonderful photos that I am enjoying very much. So Thank You for helping me to do this! You helped me to get the “shutter bug”


David I.


I really enjoyed that the Portrait workshop felt small and so personal. I have to say, after a couple of years of using my living room as a makeshift studio space, I was pretty thrilled to see that a professional does the same! I appreciate the home studio focus of all that we worked with.


Scott F.


I took Alexander's Intro to Digital Photography workshop to learn about my Canon DSLR. I was surprised that in just four sessions I was able to use my camera in its manual setting! Alexander took the time to explain and emphasize the topics that where the most difficult for me to grasp. Through repetition and simplicity of his explanations I am able to enjoy my photography now in a much fuller way. The field trip was a great part of his workshop. I would definitely recommend Alexander and look forward to taking more classes with him in the future.


Michael C.


A great experience! Alexander’s workshops really improved my photography, both technically and creatively. The wildlife class was outstanding, with an excellent balance between classroom discussion, in-the-field shooting, and photo evaluation. I so enjoyed my first workshop that I immediately took the Lightroom class. Clear, practical explanations helped me make the most of the program to improve my workstream. Alexander is a talented and personable instructor, and small classes allow for lots of personalized instruction and questions in a friendly environment. I look forward to my next workshop. Highly recommended!


Rachel M.,


I took the Lightroom 3 In Depth class, which was 3 sessions. I had looked at a lot of other Lightoom classes in the Washington area, and this one was very reasonably priced. I was the only student in the class, which was great. I had never used Lightroom before, although I had a working (but not great) knowledge of Photoshop. Sasha was excellent at explaining the software and figuring out the features that would be most useful for me. You can also bring your own photos to class and he will show you how to develop them in Lightroom. There was a lot of information to process, but I found that after the classes I retained most of it, and I didn't have any trouble using the software in my own time. I would definitely recommend the class to someone looking to get a solid intro to Lightroom.


Alyson T.,


Sasha is an incredibly patient and knowledgeable photography instructor. He spent three hours teaching me all of the many functions of my camera and showing me how to put them into practical use. He took the time to review my existing photography and suggested ways to make it better. I would recommend Sasha to anyone needing photography instruction. I intend on taking further classes with him!


E B.,


I am an amateur photographer and recently took the "Lightroom 3 in Depth" class from Sasha. I've heard about the Photoshop and Lightroom, but didn't have any prior experience. Three 3-hr long classes were held in small classes. Each of us brought our laptops to the class in which we followed the hands-on approach. Sasha is a great instructor, explaining everything from basics and building up more in each class. The only missing thing in class was hand-outs. I wish he could distribute us hands-outs summarizing each topics we discussed. After learning the ins and outs of the Lightroom software in class, now I am planning to purchase the program and continue improving my photography skills.


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